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Tools & Safety Rules


Kids start with basic tools: 7oz claw hammer, 15" cross cut saw, Back saw and miter box, egg beater style hand drill, coping saw, tape measure and try square. There’s also a small dust pan and hand broom  I’ve written out the set-up techniques for all projects with pictures of the projects I have designed for children to allow those who can work independently. You can teach an attentive 5 year old how to set up a saw cut (I do it every day) but you must consistently do a safety check.


I am known as “Mr.Safety” in my woodshop I tell my students I’m getting paid to teach them the best techniques. There’s a lot more information on my worksheets  along with picture by picture directions to projects.


Basic safety rules are taught and enforced: sawing parts, put things away, sweep up the sawdust, don’t blow, put your wood in the vise and start sanding. To drill holes for screws and dowels (sticks)… mark the wood with a pencil, then with a center punch and hammer. put the wood in the vise with an board under to protect the table. drill the hole etc. As students demonstrate skills and show maturity I introduce basic machine tools: drill press, lathe, scroll saw and 1" belt sander.


Again, safety before all else is stressed. Students are provided not only safety instruction but safety equipment is well.


The only requirement students must have are closed toe shoes.

A chance for children to work with tools and wood in a safe controlled environment that is FUN.

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